Manapany Hotel Saint-Barthélémy

In Jun 2017, just before the big storm IRMA we started the renovation of the Manapany Hotel Saint-Barthélémy, unfortunately the storm hit the Caribbeans islands of St-Barthélémy and St-Maarten. So we had to start over, even if some of our woodwork already installed survived the storm.

This is what the storm left to us. The site got delayed and our company was heavily damaged, this is some of the picture of took in September 2017 after the storm.

Just after the storm we had the green light of the hotel to continue the production ! So we had to refurbish the company as fast as we could and 2 weeks after the storm we where ready to start the production again.

This is the type of doors, windows and shutters we did for the Manapany hotel.

All of the 200+ woodworks we made for the Manapany hotel are made with IROKO wood. And finished with a Lazure.

And this is a little selection of picture we took in 2018 after the reopening of the Manapany hotel.


?? Or you can contact us here ??

Our site can be used as a showroom to make it easier for you to visualize what is possible to do. All doors, windows, shutters and bi-folds are custom-made. So we will get in touch with you to advise you and help you to take the right measures.

After that we will make you a personalized quote with an overall price for finishes, hardware (including screws and hinges) and transport.


You can also choose your quality hardwares from our partners for all your woodwork. We will not hesitate to advise you on the choice of these. And we will also make our choices among some invisible hardware, to guarantee you the best experience.


All carpentry, are manufactured in Saint-Martin in our workshop S.M.P.M – Rouxel Woodwork in Hope-Estate. But we deliver all the islands of the Caribbean. And this, within 3 to 7 days after the production of the frames.